Investment Structure

Moneil Investment Group, LLC(MIG) serves as the Manager of limited liability companies (LLCs) formed to acquire one or more specified properties.

Investment Opportunity

MIG offers qualified investors an opportunity to diversify a portion of their assets into managed real estate investments as part of a group investment. This investment strategy has historically demonstrated attractive returns over time and offers additional benefits such as capital preservation, quarterly preferred cash distributions to investors,and capital appreciation over the life of the investment.

Capital Structure

Investments will typically be financed with 70% – 80% loans, with the remainder of the capital being provided by Investor capital. Investors become Members of a specific LLC that has been formed to acquire one or more properties. All MIG LLCs will engage in the business of acquiring, improving, operating and disposing of multifamily real estate assets.

Partnership Organization

Each acquisition will be acquired by a single purposeLLC. This structure enables us to protect individual assets. MIG will act as the Managerof each LLC.

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