Wealth Compounding

The Emerging real estate market investing strategy is based on monitoring market cycles. The objective is to ensure that accrued equity is optimized by selling each property at the optimum time, and putting the equity realized on sale to work in the next emerging market. Investing in commercial real estate, coupled with rotating appreciation every 3-5 years into properties in new, emerging markets is a proven strategy for compounding wealth.

Inexperienced investors often miss the selling window by leaving capital to stagnate in softening markets. Allowing an investment to persist in an area suffering from rising unemployment and oversupply can be costly for investors.

Many investors prefer the opportunities and advantages that come from participating in large, professionally managed properties versus individual ownership of smaller properties. Our experience in multifamily investment can help insulate investors from the pitfalls of managing tenants on their own.

Moneil Investment Group seeks to optimize investment returns. Our returning investors can attest to the fact that our system works.

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