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Moneil Investment Group, LLC (MIG) provides investment opportunities for qualified investors in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the multi-family arena. We do extensive research to find the best emerging market in specific states, build a team of professional brokers and lenders, then find off market, value-add assets. MIG then negotiates and purchases these top quality assets that are projected to generate both current income and equity growth, ultimately experiencing significant capital gain when sold.

Why Multifamily?

Through our program, our equity partners have been consistently successful in earning hundreds of thousands of dollarsin profit and often several million in a single transaction at exiting (sale of asset). We find properties in growth markets, where the asset can be acquired below their respective replacement value. read more...

Why Invest?

Multifamily properties historically maintain a structurally lower vacancy rate than other product types and generally exhibit greater resiliency...

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Vision & Mission

At Moneil Investment Group, LLC, our Company Vision is to gain the utmost respect of our investors and residents through transparency...

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Emerging Markets

Choosing the “right” multi-family apartment complex to acquire is a critical aspect of Moneil...

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Value Plays

One of the critical things to understand when it comes to investing in commercial apartments is the formula that is used to determine...

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All investors are pre-qualified on the basis of previous investment experience and the Security Exchange Commission’s definition of Accredited...

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