Hear From Those Who Have Invested with Moneil


Hear From Those Who Have Invested with Moneil

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Those Who Have Invested With Vinney

Vinney and Moneil provide a platform for investing in real estate. By using their vast experience, they choose the properties which have good potential to grow over a 5-year period. So far they have met the expectations and promises they made. I am happy with their services.


Vinney runs Moneil Investment in a very transparent way with all information available to every investor. He is very reachable to answer any question or concern and trustworthy. He has in-depth knowledge to run real estate business in multiple states. All these are key to investing with someone in the real estate business.


Vinney, the Moneil Group, and his hard-working management team make investing a pleasure. They excel in their transparent communications, possess exceptional follow-through skills with us, and keep investors informed about the operational and financial performance of our assets. I’m honored and humbled to be in business with them.


Vinney Chopra and Moneil Group have been a pleasure to work and invest with. From the first day we met Vinney, he was very friendly, helpful and willing to teach us about multifamily. The Moneil team is amazing, very professional & keeps us updated with property financials & performance. It’s a pleasure to work with such a dedicated team.

-Ray K

Vinney, I cannot thank you enough for being a superb investor, ethical businessman and leader of a great team … Also, I fully appreciate how you have maintained your dedication and hard work during a challenging time … really stupendous. Many blessings and deep gratitude to you and your family.

—Joy Yoshioka

We have found Vinney to be a very honest and hard-working individual and completely transparent. He will take all the time you need to answer any question you may have about the investment or how to structure it and truly goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and informed. We could not be happier. It is refreshing to be associated with such a fine man who has built a fine company and surrounded himself with a great team.

—Steve & Heide S

The words I think of when it comes to Vinney and his team are “passionate, persistent and patient.” Passionate in the benefits of investment real estate to provide excellent returns to investors. Persistent in the face of challenging complexities of government, people and hurricanes … and yet always finding a way to get the mission accomplished! Patient in answering questions he has heard a hundred times over, and always with a smile and enthusiasm. I am so appreciative of being an investor and the consistent, excellent returns I am receiving, and my clients who have likewise chosen to invest.

—R.J. Kelly

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Multifamily properties historically maintain a structurally lower vacancy rate than other product types and generally exhibit greater resiliency in holding their values during market downturns. Demand can still increase for apartments in economic downturns when homeowners turn to renting to preserve capital and renters cannot afford to buy. Lenders offer superior terms due to investor familiarity with this asset type, and there is a wider availability of financing options.