Hear From Those Who Have Invested with Moneil


Hear From Those Who Have Invested with Moneil

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Those Who Have Invested With Vinney

Sri, CA

Moneil/Vinney is a synonym for trust, care, transparency, and goals. I was/am amazed by the way Vinney conducts the business. I also love the interactions with Vinney. He comes across as a person who genuinely looks after my needs, requirements, and gives his best to achieve my investment goals. I trusted him and also made introductions to my friends as I know that even my friends’ investments will be in safe hands.

Swaraj, Dublin, OH

We very much like your transparency and keeping us abreast about what is going on with our investment.
I, being a very small business owner understand how much it takes to be on top of your huge investment properties but very glad you have a dedicated team with your daughter and wife.
Above all, your optimism is very inspiring especially during this tough time we are going thru at present.

Naran & Niru, CA

We Trust Vinodbhai 100% Thanks for letting know your all projects. so we can be part of it if we want to invest We know Vinny may be 20 years

Ravi and Renu, CA

Vinod, you are amazing! Every time I turn around there is a new news. Vinod whatever you do, you do with patience, passion, thoroughness and with everyone in mind to spread the knowledge and share what you have learnt. God bless you and hope you continue the same spirit and work. We look forward to more news and knowledge. We are glad we are part of your friend’s circle and family of investors. Thanks again.

Steve Deal, CA

One of the things I have really appreciated about Vinney and the documents he provides is he provides a lot of information about why he is doing what he is doing. This has proven very educational for me in many cases and has helped equip me as a more knowledgeable investor not only on Vinney projects but with other opportunities as well.

Kush, LA

The Moneil team is great. They truly put their clients first and are very transparent. Plus, Vinney’s daily dose of positivity is a great added perk of doing business with the Moneil group! Thanks Vinney and team!

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Multifamily properties historically maintain a structurally lower vacancy rate than other product types and generally exhibit greater resiliency in holding their values during market downturns. Demand can still increase for apartments in economic downturns when homeowners turn to renting to preserve capital and renters cannot afford to buy. Lenders offer superior terms due to investor familiarity with this asset type, and there is a wider availability of financing options.