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Start investing today with Moneil Investment Group.

Start Investing

Start investing today with Moneil Investment Group.

Hear From Those Who Have Invested with Moneil

Vinney and Moneil provide a platform for investing in real estate. By using their vast experience, they choose the properties which have good potential to grow over a 5-year period. So far they have met the expectations and promises they made. I am happy with their services.



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Investor Qualification

I am interested in exploring real-estate opportunities.

I understand I must meet either of the following income (section A)  or net worth requirements (section B): and have significant investment, business and financial experience.

  • This is not an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to purchase an investment or security. This information relates to possible real estate opportunities for qualified purchasers who have established an existing substantive relationship with Moneil Investment Group. Natural persons qualify as investors by virtue of such pre-existing relationships and by proof of business experience, income and net worth.

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Multifamily properties historically maintain a structurally lower vacancy rate than other product types and generally exhibit greater resiliency in holding their values during market downturns. Demand can still increase for apartments in economic downturns when homeowners turn to renting to preserve capital and renters cannot afford to buy. Lenders offer superior terms due to investor familiarity with this asset type, and there is a wider availability of financing options.